Below are the general conditions of GIC INTERNATIONAL LTD, hereafter referred to as the "supplier".

These conditions apply to all deliveries by the supplier, to the exclusion of other terms and conditions of its counterparts unless explicitly stated otherwise by written agreement.

By signing an agreement, quotation or order or agreement legislation by email, each party hereby agree to these terms.
These conditions were last updated on August 1, 2010 and are known as "General Conditions"

1. Definitions

1.1.Website: A coherent set of digital web pages, including any associated digital images, scripts, databases, web shops, CMS systems.

1.2 Maintenance of a website by the vendor incorporate new information provided by the client (text and images) in the existing website of the client, or writing new or changing existing text in the existing website of the client.

1.3.SEO.: changing the website to achieve organic results in search engines.

1.4 VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol and virtual phone numbers.

1.5 E-mail marketing: sending e-mails to the opt-in email database of the client.

1.6.TSA: software for office automation.

1.7 Client: the natural or legal person with whom the supplier signs an agreement for the provision of services.

2. Relevance

2.1 By signing a contract with the supplier, the client declares that he is aware of the general conditions of the supplier and that he agrees to these terms.

2.2 The customer is deemed tacitly to the exclusive application of these terms to have agreed to any of its oral, written, telephone, by e-mail, telex or fax or otherwise specified commands, regardless of any written confirmation from supplier.
No other specification, description, publication, written or oral commitment, will be part of these terms or will be accompanied or are expected to be made in these conditions.
Any purchases, payments or other conditions of the client are not applicable unless specifically accepted in writing by the Supplier, even if the conditions of the customer are to exclude these conditions.
All quotations and offers made by or on behalf of Supplier are not binding and may be revoked by the Supplier as long as a supplier to the tender offer or further order or contract is not accepted in writing
All bids and offers are subject to regulatory changes in the order by the customer or by changes in suppliers. Supplier reserves the right to refuse any order or contract and without giving reasons.
Placing an order or instruction to Supplier is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions. www.g-i-consulting.co.uk is always part of the purchase orders, tenders, contracts, invoices and credit notes of the Supplier.
A copy of these conditions can always be obtained free on request. The person placing the order or contract on behalf of the customer is presumed to be authorized. He wears at his and his principal responsibility to any third parties.

3. Offer and acceptance

3.1 All offers and prices quoted by the supplier are not binding, unless agreed by both parties.

3.2 Quotations and offers by the supplier remain valid for one month, unless a different period is specified by the supplier. Invoicing is based on signing a contract, offer or agreement or order command via email and possibly ordered or performed more work running the command.

3.3 Changes to the original agreement between the client and the supplier are only valid from the time that these changes through an additional or revised agreement accepted by both parties.

3.4 A compound quotation shall not oblige the supplier to carry out a part of the assignment against a corresponding part of the price.

3.5 Offers do not apply automatically to future assignments.

3.6 The client acknowledges each e-mail or fax traffic as legal, valid evidence pursuant to article 2281 of the Civil Code.

4. Promocodes & analysis

4.1 Each client can only use one promocade during 6 consecutive months.

4.2 If a client wishes to use a promocode for an analysis, the client is obliged to make an appointment with the supplier within a reasonable period in order to hand over and discuss the analysis. If the client refuses to make an appointment with the supplier within a reasonable period, the refusal cancells the analysis..

4.3 If the client cwishes to use the Data backup analysis, with or without promocode, the client needs to provide the supplier access to the buildings where the client stores its data.

5. Implementation of the agreement

5.1 The supplier will contract to the best of ability and in accordance with the requirements of good craftsmanship.

5.2 If and insofar as the proper execution of the contract demands, the supplier has the right to have certain work done by third parties, whether or not as a subcontractor.

5.3 The client shall ensure that all data which the supplier indicates that are necessary or which the client can reasonably understand to be necessary for the execution of the agreement, will be transferred to the supplier.
If this required information is not timely provided to the supplier, the supplier has the right by implementation of the agreement to suspend and / or add additional costs resulting from the usual rates to the client

5.4 The supplier is not liable for damages of any kind, due to the client’s providing of incorrect or incomplete information, unless such inaccuracy or incompleteness of the supplier should have been aware.

5.5 If it is agreed that the agreement will be executed, the supplier can implement those parts to a next stage until the client agrees to the results of the preceding stage in writing.

5.6 If the supplier or third parties engaged by the client as part of the assignment do work at the location of the principal or a site designated by client, client shall ensure reasonably required facilities to those employees free of charge.

6. Duration and termination

6.1 Design, Programming, (re) style

6.1.1 The design, styling, restyling or revamping of websites or other computer programs is a management contract decision. Work for which no delivery date has been previously agreed, shall be performed within a reasonable time, at an hourly rate of sixty-five (65.00) Euros, unless explicitly stated otherwise per agreement.

6.1.2 The implementation period is suspended in the cases stipulated in Articles 4.3, 6.2, 6.4, 8, 10.

6.1.3 The period of performance ends with the provisional acceptance, tacitly made by the occasion of the publication on the Internet.

6.1.4 After initial publication on the Internet, a period of eight days will follow in which the customer can make any comments, after which the site is finally deemed to be delivered.

6.2 Hosting a website and domain name management

6.2.1 Unless otherwise agreed, all hosting contracts and purchase, transfer and renewal of a domain name entered on an annual basis. They commence once the necessary space is freed on one or more servers, and are subject to cancellation received at least one month before the due date automatically renewed for a further period of one year, the supplier has the same rights regarding the termination and the client.

6.2.2 A late payment of hosting, one or more bills and invoices for the purchase, transfer and renewal of a domain name (which in principle is due yearly ) does form the ground, as from the eighth day after notice to disable the site and remove or overwrite the data, in which case the invoice amount will remain payable.

6.2.3 Unless expressly agreed, the client itself is responsible for the transfer of a site in the event of termination of the hosting agreement. In case such assistance is requested from the supplier, these performances are charged a fee.

6.3 Maintenance and SEO renewals

6.3.1 Maintenance contracts and SEO renewals start on the date of provisional acceptance and be committed indefinitely, unless explicit agreement.

6.3.2 Maintenance contracts of indefinite duration and SEO renewals are terminable at any time provided that notice of at least three months.

6.3.3 A late payment of one or more invoices for maintenance (which in principle are payable quarterly) yields from the first days after the due date of a suspension of the right to maintenance performance, with the remaining terms will remain payable.

6.4 General

6.4.1 The supplier may immediately terminate the contract with the client when the client is in improper or incomplete compliance with the agreements concluded with the supplier including the related conditions.

6.4.2 The supplier has the right to terminate agreements without notice or judicial intervention, with immediate effect if the client has been declared bankrupt, has deferred payment or a composition has requested or obtained or otherwise wholly or partially dispose of his lost power. The client then has no right to compensation.

7. Methods of delivery

7.1 The supplier shall verify receipt of the required data, text and / or images as soon as possible to start creating the agreed products or services and inform the client with the expected delivery time.

7.2 When designing a new website the supplier will make a first outline and submit it for approval to the client. The latter monitors the draft and comments, remarks or comments as soon as possible to the supplier.
If the client does not respond within 30 days on the basic design, the vendor assumes that the client agrees with the basic design. Receiving responses from the client on the basic design after 30 days or failure to react within 30 days, the supplier is entitled to complete the entire website.

7.3 The supplier will be made available in a manner to be specified (ftp, email or CD-ROM) to the client upon request, provided that payments are met on the internet.

7.4 If the proposal phase advance was negotiated, the client, after signing a contract, offer or agreement or order by e-mail legislation is obliged to pay the advance.
The supplier reserves the right execution of the order on hold until the advance has been agreed.

8. E-mail marketing

8.1 Definition
"Services" means sending the emails by the supplier on behalf of the client. The contents of these e-mails supplied by the client.
"Emails": Opt-in e-mail addresses supplied by the client.

8.2 Responsibility
The contents of the e-mail sent by the supplier on behalf of the client, will be the complete and sole responsibility of the client.

8.3 Prohibited Content:
The client will not use the services of the supplier to send the following information:
- Personal information about minors without parental consent
- Pornographic or nude pictures
- Unsavory images
- Elaborate violent material
- Links to websites that serial numbers for software illegally decrypt contain
- Pyramid schemes
- Chain letters
- Imitation of another person
- The use of narcotic substances encourage
- To sell or promote products banned in the location where the e-mail received
- Encouraging and promoting violence against a person, organization or government
- Links to Web pages that contain the above content.

8.4 Set-up and delivery
The set-up e-mail marketing campaign takes minimum 15 days to complete. The desired time of transmission depends on the delivery of content and images by the client to the supplier and the final approval of the design of the e-mail by the client.
The supplier is not responsible for any delay in shipping if the customer fails to deliver the above.

9 Force Majeure

9.1 The Supplier accepts no liability to his obligations, where the causes are due to force majeure or causes unknown by supplier .

9.2 In the event that force majeure is temporary in nature, the supplier will still aim to meet all requirements as soon as reasonably possible.
When agreement between the client and the supplier concludes that this is no longer possible, the agreement will be reviewed by mutual agreement or dissolved.
Any benefits already delivered by the supplier to the moment of force majeure will still be invoiced.

10. Prices

10.1 All prices are inclusive VAT, unless otherwise expressly stated and in accordance with the law. Prices excluding VAT are specifically registered.

10.2 The prices quoted are basically fixed. There is however an adjustment to the cost of living (= indexation) as possible once the originally agreed price is more than 1 year old, or earlier if a price adjustment is due to a currency rate increase or other external causes commodity software or component prices by at least 10% .

10.3 Other rate changes by the supplier will be notified/disclosed to the client at least 2 months in advance.
The latter is entitled to terminate the agreement as soon as the adjusted rates take effect, but only in the case when the rate change would imply a price increase.
Price reductions can not constitute grounds to terminate.

11. Payment

11.1 Once a contract for the design is concluded between the client and the supplier, the client is obliged to pay the principal.
The client must pay the due amount within 8 days after sending the invoice by the supplier.

11.2 Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices for hosting contracts, purchase, transfer and renewal of a domain name must have been paid prior to entering the relevant hosting contract to purchase, transfer and renewal of domain name.

11.3 If a maintenance agreement for a site by the supplier to the client is agreed, a quarterly invoice will be sent. The client must pay the due amount within 8 days after the sending of the invoice by the supplier.
The period of maintenance and the payment can be otherwise modified by agreement in writing.

11.4 Once the client the is in default regarding the payment term, the principal, not needed to resort to a warning or notice, would be eligible to charge an interest rate payable applying legislation on late payments in commercial transactions to the supplier on the outstanding amount , from the due date.

11.5 In addition, next to the actual outstanding invoice owed by the client, compensation will be charged of 10% of the invoice amount, with a fixed minimum of 200 Euros and a maximum of 2000 Euros per invoice, as chosen by the supplier.

11.6 In such case, the supplier reserves the right to suspend any ongoing work or provided services, until the amounts are received.

11.7 All protests regarding the services delivered or invoiced under penalty of forfeiture need to be sent to supplier within eight days after date of invoices.

11.8 The Client shall only use or gain ownership of the goods and / or services from the moment he fulfills all his obligations towards the supplier.

12. Copyright

12.1 All material provided by the supplier may not be reproduced, edited or incorporated in other sites than the one originally made, without the express consent of the supplier.

12.2 The ownership of ideas, concepts or designs remains entirely with the supplier, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
In the latter case, the supplier can negotiate a fee.
If they infringement of the rights regarding said property is proofed the rights of supplier to establish a reasonable fee for this, is with the supplier.

12.3 The supplier reserves the right, to execute of the work, as ‘increased knowledge’ for other purposes, as long as no confidential information to third parties will be released.

13. Liability

13.1 Where the supplier's business is dependent on the cooperation, services and supplies from third parties, which the supplier has little or no influence, the supplier can in no way be held liable for any damage resulting from these relationships with the supplier or the breaking of whether damage or visible during the relationship with the supplier.

13.2 In case of breach in the performance of the contract the supplier is only liable for the alternative compensation to the invoice amount.
Any liability of the supplier for any other form of damage is excluded, including compensation for indirect damages, consequential damages or damages for lost sales or profits.

13.3 The client must take into account that information sent via the Internet, can be intercepted by others. The supplier cannot be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused by sending confidential or secret information.
The principal assignment will adequately insure themselves against it, with waiver of recourse against the supplier and safeguard the latter in principal, interest and costs.

13.4 The supplier is not responsible or liable for the content of the material supplied by the client on the website of the client is installed.

13.5 The supplier is not responsible for the links on a website made. The client itself will guarantee that the necessary permissions are achieved and that he has the right to post links to external websites.

13.6 The content of data dissemination and publishing, in all cases will be the responsibility of the client. The supplier shall not be deemed to limit or monitor, nor can the supplier be held responsible for the content of its publication. All necessary copyrights, fees, expenses or fines will be charged to the client.

13.7 The Client shall indemnify the supplier against any claim in principal, interest and costs on cases for which he himself must be responsible.

13.8 Disclaimer: The supplier is not responsible for the commercial expectations of the client not to be met during or after the services provided by the supplier.

14. Coordinates

14.1 The client must inform the vendor immediately in writing of any changes in clients data.

14.2 This applies to any change of address, change in contact or responsible person, phone, fax details, email addresses, domain names, etc. ..

14.3 If the client fails, the latter is fully liable for any result caused by the supplier suffering damage.

15. Transfer of rights and obligations

15.1 The supplier nor the client are entitled to their rights or obligations arising from agreements to transfer to third party without prior written consent of the other.

16. Miscellaneous Provisions

16.1 The supplier will not release personal data of the customer to third parties without a legal obligation to do so.
This also applies to any confidential information for the execution of a contract issued to the supplier.

16.2 The identity of the client is kept in our database, to ensure internal use. The client always has the right to request written modification or deletion of his data.

16.3 The client indicates acceptance of these conditions by the authorization to use and communication of identity information for promotional purposes.
The client can always request written modification or deletion of his data from our database.

16.4 If the need arises, changes in an agreement upon written confirmation from both parties are made.
This allows the agreed completion of date change.
The supplier shall inform the client as soon as possible of the new completion date and any financial implications.

16.5 The supplier is free to refer to the final products delivered, for promotional purposes as a reference unless otherwise expressly agreed.

17. Disputes and applicable law

17.1 If, by a court order, one or more of these items will be declared invalid or improper, all other articles of these terms and conditions will remain in full force and the supplier after consultation with the client will be allowed to develop new rules to replace the void or nullified provisions in it.

17.2 All offers made under these terms and agreements exclusively by UK law.

17.3 In the event of disputes concerning the interpretation, application, termination, cancellation or execution of the agreement, or the content of these conditions or any other affiliate with this subjects, excluding the payment of undisputed invoices, the parties committed to before any legal action, an appeal to mediation by a certified mediator, on pain of inadmissibility.

17.4 Notwithstanding the above data, and all other issues, all disputes directly or indirectly arising from or relating to this agreement, will have to be brought before the UK Court in London which has solely territorial and applicable jurisdiction.

These conditions are also published on the website of the supplier: https://www.g-i-consulting.co.uk

These conditions are subject to typographical errors.

Applicable is the latest version valid at the time of conclusion of the agreement.