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We offer several professional hosting solutions. So surely there is a hosting package to suit your needs and your budget.

Our Windows servers are highly reliable, have good uptime, are fast and secure.

You can also contact us for domain names, e-mail hosting, SSL certificates, reseller packages, etc.

Our support department is ready to help you.

Security / Protection

Data security is very important to us.

With the many cyberattacks nowadays, it is very important that the website, eShop and administration systems are extremely secure against internet fraud.

All Cookies that are used and placed for the use of the website are secured as "http only" and "Secure".

All forms and database connections of the website, eShop and administration systems are secured to prevent "SQL injection" (internet fraud to data hacking).

All passwords of the eShop and administration systems are encrypted against hacking.

Redundant servers

Daily backups of all data.

Reseller packages

Various reseller packages available.


Security against fraud, hacking, ...


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