1. General information

1.1 Introduction

We respect your personal privacy in accordance with the applicable legislation. You are not obliged to answer the questions asked by us, but failing to answer those questions may result, as the case may be, that it is impossible for us or that we refuse to enter into a (pre) contractual relationship. to continue such a relationship or to perform a transaction requested by you or by a third party in your benefit.

1.2 Processing manager

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2. Processing personal data during your use of our website

Your visit to our website and your use of our online services will be tracked. The IP address currently used by your device (eg your computer or mobile phone), the date and time, the browser type and operating system of your device and the pages visited are stored. This data is collected for data protection purposes and to optimize and improve our online services. It is in our interest to protect our website and improve our services. Any other processing of your data, except for statistical purposes in anonymous form, will only take place in the context of this data protection statement. Aside from that, personal data will only be stored if you provide it on your own initiative, eg as part of your registration, a survey, an online application or for the execution of a contract. We have taken appropriate technical precautions to ensure that your data is encrypted during login for registration or other services, i.e. protected against unauthorized access.

2.1 Registration for our newsletter

If you wish, you can subscribe to the newsletter on our website by completing the registration form provided for this purpose. If you complete the registration form and submit your personal data to us or have accepted our newsletter when you have registered as a customer, you will receive an e-mail from us at the e-mail address you gave us. The personal data collected via the registration form will only be processed to send newsletters to your e-mail address. Your personal data will only be kept until you unsubscribe from the newsletter, by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every newsletter that you receive from us. If you unsubscribe, your personal data will be immediately deleted. Please note: you will no longer receive newsletters from us after your personal data has been deleted.

2.2 Contact form

You can use the contact form on our website to contact us for an application. The personal data you entered in the contact form will only be processed to answer your request. These personal data are only retained during the period necessary to answer your question.

2.3 More information form

You can use the request for more information form on our website to request more information about our services. The personal data you entered in this form will only be processed to answer your request. These personal data are only retained during the period necessary to answer your question.

3. Information about the processing of your personal data

The personal data that you provide to us via our website and / or within the framework of the services offered on it, we process strictly confidential. They are processed for the purposes for which our website was set up, namely the sale of services and goods, as well as a global overview of the client, monitoring of transactions and prevention of irregularities, and commercial purposes. When you provide your information, you agree that we share that information with our personnel who are charged with carrying out one or more of the above-mentioned purposes and, where applicable, the persons designated by you and / or the employees of other companies whose involvement is required to carry out one or more of the above-mentioned purposes. You consent to the exchange of information relating to you between the - existing and future - companies of our company.

The objective of this exchange of information is to allow companies participating in the central management of the clientele to have a global vision of the client, to carry out studies, statistics and / or marketing campaigns, to provide the services. provide and deliver and check the regularity of transactions (including the prevention of irregularities). The updated list of companies of our company that participate in the data exchange can be requested via or in one of the other ways you can contact us. You also give your permission to transfer the personal data processed in the context of the implementation of applicable agreements to countries outside the European Union provided this is useful or necessary for the execution of agreements. Personal data showing your racial or ethnic origin will never be processed, except if it appears from data with which you are identified (such as your name, first name, address, and nationality).

Personal data showing your political opinions, your religious or philosophical beliefs or your membership of a trade union or that relate to sexual life will never be processed, unless they are apparent from other data (eg payment transactions). It cannot be ruled out that our privacy policy will change in the future. We recommend that you review the text of this declaration from time to time to keep up to date with any changes.

4. Your rights

You can exercise your rights at any time by sending an email to

These rights are:

- The right to receive information about the data processing and a copy of the processed data
- The right to request that inaccurate data be rectified, or incomplete information be supplemented
- The right to request that personal data be deleted and, if the personal data were made public, that the other controller will be informed of this request
- The right to request that the data processing be limited
- The right to receive personal data on the data subject in a structured, current, and machine-readable form and to request that this data be transferred to another controller
- The right to object to the data processing and to stop it
- The right to withdraw a given consent at any time to stop the processing of data based on your consent. This withdrawal will not affect the legality of the processing based on your consent to the withdrawal
- The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you believe that the data processing infringes your rights

5. Minors

Persons under the age of 18 may not send data to our company without permission from a parent or legal guardian and do not request services or perform other legal acts on this site unless permitted by applicable law.

6. Changes to the site

Our company may at any time and with or without notice change this privacy policy, change, or remove access to the site or change the content of the site.