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Each webshop project is custom made according to the client’s specification and the required goal
of the website and are built to allow the optimal search results in the search engines.

When creating a webshop we use static urls and not dynamic urls. This ensures that when adding products to the database a static page is automatically created together with the titles, descriptions and correct meta text for the search engines. This has the advantage that every page, thus every product, will be found individually in the search engines.

Each time a new product is added, changed or deleted, the sitemap, xml sitemap and the xml RSS feeds are automatically updated. This is an important factor for ensuring that each product is visible in the search engines.

There are two ways in which a client can buy products through a webshop:

The first option is that the client can add products to the shopping cart and fill in his data (name, address, delivery address, etc...) every time he does an order.

Alternatively, the client first creates an account, which he needs to activate after receiving an activation mail (by clicking the link in the mail). The client can then login, view his account, change his data, view previous orders and view and print invoices. The advantage of this option is that the client only has to provide his data once.

In your administration section (which is secured with a username and password) you can do the following:


- Add
- Change
- Put offline
- Change order of appearance
- View


- View
- Activate
- Deactivate
- Change


- View
- Change
- Delete


- View
- Change
- Delete

Print overviews

- Products
- Clients
- Orders
- Payments

These are just some of the possibilities on offer. The administration section can be adjusted and/or extended to fully meet your needs.

In addition to this, different levels of access can be created, which can allow you to determine which employee gets access to which part of the administration section.

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