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VoIP telephony and virtual telephone numbers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) the many advantages:

Location independent:

With analogue telephony a telephone number is always linked at a location. With VoIP a telephone number is linked to a VoIP account (used in hardware and software). The location of the VoIP is random. A VoIP device can function on every location where the device has internet connection.

Even within companies the devices are easy to move without any consequences on the telephone number or the functionalities of the device.

Virtual number:

Global Internet Consulting can deliver virtual telephone number of almost every country worldwide and

with regional prefixes.

For Example: UK (44) London (22) + number.

The telephone numbers can be connected (mapping ) to your VoIP device.

This means that together with your VoIP device you will be always reachable.

Cost effective:

Complete list available countries and prefixes

Through your VoIP account (e.g. VoIPBuster or VoIPRaider) you can phone almost any landline worldwide for FREE.

Even mobile phone calls are cheap in price.

Global Internet Consulting can deliver a complete range of VoIP telephony products, from one singe telephone to a complete call center with installation.

Our best offer:

TipTel IP 284 up to 12 SIP accounts

The tiptel IP 284 is an eco product:
Eco energy: You will save energy thanks to the energy saving adaptor.
With the tiptel IP 284 you will save costs and the environmenrt.
Lighted graphic LCD display (132 x 64 pixels)  
HD sound quality (High Definition handset and High Definition speaker)
Wideband voice codec: G.722  
Narrowband voice codecs: G.711/ G.726/ G.729/ G.723
Full duplex during handsfree speaking (complies with IEEE 1329)
Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) (IEEE 802.3af)


Suitable for heaing aids (H.A.C.)
Supports VAD/ CNG/ AEC/ NLP/ AGC  
Supports 12 SIP lines/ accounts  
Security: SIPS/ SRTP/ HTTPS  




Standard encryption and authentication (MD5 en MD5-sess)




Configuration: tiptel IP 284/ auto-provisioning/ web browser




IP-assignment: DHCP/ Static IP/ PPPoE





4 context sensitive buttons





13 programmable buttons with LED





Local and external telephone book (300 numbers and names in local telephone book)




Optional: Extension module KM-38, for 38 extra buttons (max. 6 extension modules connectable)




Prices on request.

If you would like more information about VoIP, virtual telephone numbers and prices, please click here.


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