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Servers & Networks

Our many years of experience and structured approach makes it possible to offer tailor made solutions, this both for simple as for the most complex situations.

Our solutions are based on the latest technologies and comply with the highest quality standards.

Installation and configuration of:

Windows Servers
Microsoft Exchange servers
Workstations and accessories
VPN connections

Software development

We offer tailor made solutions for your administration, for both small and big corporations.

Our many years of experience makes it possible to offer your company the solution it needs to grow in this digital era.

We can determine together what your company’s needs are, by the requirements analysis composed by one of our ICT consultants.

Contact us for more information.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing makes software and data accessible over the internet.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS (Software as a Service) is software offered online; the user doesn’t need to install anything, but uses the software through the http protocol.

The advantages:

No installation required by the user.

The software runs on the servers of Global Internet Consulting and is maintained by us.

Updates are immediately visible for the user, without installing them.

Your data is protected through our daily updates,

Accessing the software and your data, from any pc with an internet connection.

If you would like more information about the possibilities of SaaS software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of our software packages

Software CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This web application (Cloud) gives starting companies the possibility to carry out customer follow-ups.

This is an CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that works autonomous, but can also be integrated in other applications.

The main features are:
Login with ID and password (site administrator)
Adding categories
Adding contacts
Changing contacts
View contact list + printing
View contact + printing
Search function
By name
E-mail address
Up and downloading of documents
Uploading of contracts and/or documents
List of contracts and/or documents
Deleting of contracts and/or documents
Search function
Request price quotation (which will be stored from the website into a SQL database)
View list + printing
View price quotation + printing
Handled yes / no
Handled by
Adding comments
This application can be extended and/or adjusted to the needs of your company.

Software package Placeless Office

The goal of placeless office is to automate your office, not by offering you a ready-made package, but by offering you the power of choice.

After an extensive analysis of your office, we install a tailor-made package, completely in function of your way of working.

For this we use a modular system with the following main points:


Each document (incoming or outgoing) will be in the system, so it will be easier to find or reproduce the document.

It’s an integration of:

- Microsoft Office
- Scanning
- Mailing


Wherever you are, you can always consult the system through IP/VPN.


We bring the input to the source through the internet.


Placeless office has a number of basic functionalities which our based on the following objectives:

Electronic file management
Office automating by workflow

The following techniques will be used:

Document Management
Document Image Processing
Text Retrieval
World Wide Web
Workflow Management

These will be completed by modules which are typically for you business.

Basic functionalities – Placeless Office

1. Central management

Within the complete Placeless Office package, all information concerning a file will be linked together by a TSA-number. This will give the user a 360º vision on all the data.

This contains not only all the data, but also the scanned letters, e-mails, etc. This means that when a file is opened, all the information is accessible, even accounting information (payment due) which are connected to the file by integration techniques.

2. Modular system

Placeless Office is completely built from object, which can be integrated into a complete solution, one way or another.

This will be visually configured in:

Variable Tab-Controls

Multiple objects can be combined with a workflow action.

3. Workflow system

Placeless Office is a semi-automated workflow system.

We choose this carefully because Placeless Office has to fulfil the needs of an ever changing administration. The processes can be added to Placeless Office through actions, continuation actions, placing on the agenda, etc. Changes in the process can be added manually, temporarily or permanently, by creating new actions without that these actions needed to be in the workflow cycles.

4. Placing on the agenda

Placeless Office’s agenda system controls the workflow. This agenda can be handled on different ways, by clearing up the delays, taking care of clients, urgency, etc.

5. Authorisation

Placeless Office is an extensive system, which makes it possible to secure every task. It does not matter if this task is a complete process or the consultation of specific information.

6. Microsoft Office integration


Word 97 is completely integrated in the Placeless Office system. Each document is created by cohering a template with the data from the file. This template is joined through an action which needs to be executed within the file. A document can be changed or added except for automated secured paragraphs.

Placeless Office has a unique system which generated all outgoing documents on a very quick way in certain forms (PDF,…) and in certain manners (mailing,…).


All incoming e-mails are attached to the files by the Placeless Office user in a certain way (though questions) and the workflow will be activated. Outgoing mails are send from the file through actions, this way they are automatically stored in the file.

7. Scanning

Voor de binnenkomende brieven en documenten heeft Placeless Office volgende scanningsystemen:

Manual scanning

The documents are scanned one by one and placed in a container.

Through Placeless Office, the container can be handled. Preview of the document allows the user to add it to a certain file. Placeless Office has the possibility to activate the workflow through questions asked at the user; the process which corresponds with the answer will be started.

Barcode scanning

All forms send to the client, will have a unique barcode. The forms which the client sends back are processed in bulk and by barcode recognition added to the correct file. The barcode does not only contain the prodos number but also the action which had generated the form, this way it is possible to start the workflow process.

8. Logging

Placeless Office has a build-in logging system which makes it possible to create a processing monitoring system.


Clients and suppliers have the possibility to consult their file through Placeless Office Client.

Placeless Office Client is not a separate package, but through authorisation clients and suppliers have consult-only access.

This means that a client can consult his complete file, included his correspondence by letter, mail, etc.

Software package Logistic

With our logistic programmes you can perform a completely integrated logistic management.

The package contains different modules. This software is meant for small and medium organisations.

We can supply tailor-made extensions, based on our logistic package.

A complete integration with our financial package is possible.

The package is modular build and has extensive possibilities:
Price quotations, orders, invoices
Extensive statistics
Automated purchase orders
Follow up back orders
By store and by lot
Product structures
Production orders

Follow-up lots

Other functions
Register modules
Follow-up working orders
Invoicing of subscriptions
Follow-up complaints
Multi file
Usable for multiple users
With this software you will orchestrate your logistic administration in the most effective way.

So you will save time and transform your administration in a useful information tool.

Software package Accounting

With our accounting package you can carry out general and analytic accounting.

This package is meant for small and medium organisations.

All functions are shared with our logistic package so it can be fully integrated.

The package has extensive possibilities:
Multi file
Usable for multiple users
Flexible accounting with accounting propositions
Analytic accounting
Budgets (by account and by analytical account)
Filing VAT declarations through INTERVAT
List of intercommunity operations and intrastat-declaration
Creating payment files for e-banking
Importing CODA payment files
Reminder system clients (with history)
All legal documents
Management statistics

With this software you will orchestrate your financial administration in the most effective way.

So you will save time and transform your administration in a useful information tool.
If you would like more information about TSA and software, please click here.

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