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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A website has become much more than a business card. It is important as an entrepreneur
to use your website as an online marketing tool.

Search engine (SEO) is the marketing strategy for achieving:

Higher positions in the search engines
More awareness
More visitors
More customers
More ROI

How do the search engines work?

Search engines like Google work like a website consultant. You ask a question on Google and Google tries to find the best possible answer. For example, when you search for "house for sale", Google tries to find a page that is fully dedicated to that topic. The search engine looks at the content of this page, the hyperlinks to the page, and the technology behind the site.

Google looks at the subject of a page to determine, on the basis of the characteristics which everyone looks at. Think about the title of the page, the website address, titles, link text, bold words, the introduction and conclusion. Therefore place on each page one topic central.

References are also important for Google. So how many relevant sites are linking to your site? For example, if many sites with the link text "house for sale" refers to your site, its more likely that you will score well.

Finally, the technology behind the site also matters. Sites where the subject is reflected in the address of the page score better. The url is much friendlier to search engines than

Score well in Google is knowledge intensive. The search engine uses several hundred factors to rank. Know that someone who is looking for a product or service ultimately has two options: buy from you or from a competitor.

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