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Privacy policy

This policy applies to this site. If you do not agree with this policy, we kindly request you to leave
this site.

Collection of general information

It is important for Global Internet Consulting that our visitor's privacy will be respected and protected.

Personal information

It is possible that Global Internet Consulting needs some personal information, such as your surname and name, address, e-mail address and telephone number for answering your questions or fulfil certain requests. Global Internet Consulting can use this information to respond to your questions or inform you by e-mail or telephone about our services or offers. If you request a service or transmit information to this site, Global Internet Consulting can ask for more information, necessary to fulfil your request. Global Internet Consulting will not transmit this information to others, unless Global Internet Consulting is obliged to do so by law.
Apart from the personal information you provide us, this site can use technologies which enable us to collect certain technical information, such as your IP-address, the operating system of your computer, the browser type you use, your actions on the website and the addresses of referring websites.


Although there are always risks connected to sending personal information, whether it happens face to face, by telephone or over the internet, and no system or technology is completely safe or hacker proof, keep in mind that Global Internet Consulting has attempted to accomplish reasonable arrangements to prohibit unauthorized access to or untruthful use of your personal information, to minimize the chances of this happening and to guarantee the correctness of the information. Global Internet Consulting makes use of e.g. a coding technology while collecting and sending information.

Accuracy of the collected information

Global Internet Consulting can, at its own initiative or at your request, complete, correct or delete the personal information concerning the working of this site which is in the possession of Global Internet Consulting, because this information could be incomplete, incorrect or out of date.

Visitor's identification

It is possible that Global Internet Consulting from time to time puts down information on your computer from which Global Internet Consulting can identify you. This information will be stocked as “cookies”. These cookies, which contain information about the manner and moment in which visitors use this site, enable Global Internet Consulting to keep improving this site. The usage of cookies rests upon a general valid standard and there are many websites upon which cookies are used. The cookies are stored on your computer not on this site. If you do not want to receive cookies or want to be informed whenever cookies are placed on your system, you can install this in your browser, under the condition your browser has the possibility to do so.


Persons under 18 years are not allowed, without parental consent or the consent of a legal guardian, to send information to Global Internet Consulting, request services or perform any other action on this site, unless this is legally allowed.

Alterations on the site

Global Internet Consulting can at any time and with or without giving notice, change the Privacy Police, change the access to the site or change the content of the site.


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