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E-mail marketing

Increase your sales with the power of e-mail marketing
E-mail Marketing...
E-mail marketing is a budget friendly way of direct marketing. The quick response and the good measurability are some of the advantages of e-mail marketing opposed to traditional marketing such as printed press, radio, television, etc…

Sending professional mailings to clients, prospects and suppliers translates into a huge amount of visitors to your website. There is no better way to target potential clients.

Once you have an e-mail directory of people who have previously shown interest, you can attract them again through newsletters.

The challenges of e-mail marketing

You are going to start with e-mail marketing and you expect that your direct mailing knowledge is sufficient. Good e-mail marketing uses the same techniques as ‘old fashioned’ mailing: ensuring that you have a relevant and attractive message and deliver it at the right time to the right person.

However to really score you have to keep the characteristics of the medium ‘e-mail’ in mind:

The subject of the e-mail is the most important sentence; a good subject is the key for that person to read the entire content of the e-mail.

The e-mail will be read on a screen and therefore there are other rules to consider than a printed message.

All of the above is not as easy as it seems; Global Internet Consulting has many years of experience with this and can help you make your e-mail campaign successful.

Global Internet Consulting complies with the CAN-SPAM Act van 2003, we further respect the unsubscribe option (Opt-out).

How can Global Internet Consulting help you with your e-mail marketing?

Each newsletter will be professionally made to the specifications of the client and in the desired corporate image.

Global Internet Consulting can send a newsletter to your existing e-mail directory.

For some examples of email campagnes - click here.
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