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Data backup

One thing all companies, big or small, have in common: they produce data.
Data is essential for a functioning of your business.

As an businessman you are covered for most risks through insurances, but have you ever thought what would happen if you lose all or some or your data.

As a businessman you need to be prepared for everything: fire and water damage can damage your ICT infrastructure, power failure can make your servers crash, etc... 64% of all data loss is caused by server or computer crashes.

Will your company survive a complete or partially loss of data?

Studies have shown that the majority of companies will close business within the six months following the loss of critical business files. Chances are that your company does not survive this "crash".

As entrepreneur you need to be aware of external backup.

If you only make internal backups of your data, you risk losing your backups at a company fire. For an external backup you only need an internet connection.

A healthy combination on internal an external backups will save your company a lot of headaches.

Take action now and protect your business against data loss!

Please contact us or request a Data backup analysis.

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